VISION: “We want to see God transform Montgomery, AL with the gospel one life at a time.
MISSION: Proclaim the never changing truth of God to give hope to an ever changing world.
STRATEGY: Encounter – Equip – Encourage – Engage


CHBC believes people need to relate to others as they learn about Christ together in small groups filled with encouragement, bible study, prayer and just simply hanging out together! We have age groups for you to choose from where you can connect with others and together grow closer to Christ as you learn more about Him!

Matthew 28:20 says, “teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.”


Real worship of God is when His followers completely surrender themselves to Him. The act of worship should not be limited to a song or specific time of gathering during the week. Real worship is to be reflected in our lifestyle, in everything we do, say and think in every moment. Real worship is giving all of ourselves to Him for all
of who He is.


Matthew 22:37-38 says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and most important command.”


Our desire at CHBC is to passionately influence our community, state and our world with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by being a “missions” oriented church fellowship actively participating in local, state and world missions. We encourage our members to build relationships with others so that they also may believe in Him.


Matthew 28:19a says, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…”


CHBC believes people need to relate to others as they learn about Christ together in small groups filled with encouragement, bible study, prayer and just simply hanging out together! We have age groups for you to choose from where you can connect with others and together grow closer to Christ as you learn more about Him!

Matthew 28:20 says, “teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.”



We encourage all CHBC members to bring in new Christ followers to be a part of this fellowship of believers where they can grow in their faith in Christ. We do this by encouraging all believers to follow Christ’s example of baptism. It becomes a believers public testimony of their faith in Christ and becoming a part of the fellowship of Christ followers. God’s plan is for all believers to be a part of a local church fellowship.


Matthew 28:19b says, “baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”



Sunday School: 9:15
Worship: 10:30

              PASTOR AND STAFF

Russell K. Zwerner
Senior Pastor
Cherie Cawthorne
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor
Carole Eagerton
Music Accompanist
Pat Tyler
Nursery Director


CHBC is a group of people committed to following Jesus.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to explore who we are and what we are all about. We believe that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with the living God through His Son Jesus Christ. We are not all about ceremony and rituals, but about helping people connect personal faith in Christ to their everyday life.

Our goal is to help people connect with God. One of the ways we seek to accomplish that connection is through worship of God that is all about Him. We also seek to connect people to God through small group Bible Study. We are a praying church and encourage people to engage in corporate prayer regularly and personal prayer daily. People matter to us because people matter to God! 

Our heart’s desire is that all people will feel loved and welcomed at CHBC. Our goal is to help people encounter God in their lives in such a way that they will desire to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and become fully devoted followers of Him.

As you visit with us by way of our website, you will learn about our ministries and programs. This website can only provide you with a glimpse of CHBC. Now that you have visited us from a distance, we hope that you will choose to come visit us up close and personal. You’ll meet some of the friendliest people you have ever known. We’d love to meet you and get to know you!


Where can God use your talents?



Worship is defined as “To honor with extravagant love and extreme submission” (Webster’s Dictionary 1828). Matthew 22:37 says “….You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. When we worship God we are submitting ourselves to Him and expressing our love to Him. Why? Because He first loved us! We do this by praising Him through music, hearing inspiring, relevant, bible based messages from our senior pastor and enjoying fellowship with each other.


Worship at CHBC is a place for everyone! You will find a atmosphere that is friendly and inviting. Some wear coat and tie some dress casual in jeans. What matters most to us is that you are here! The music you will experience is blended with traditional hymns and many of today’s current worship songs. Our service typically features our Celebration Choir and instrumentalists.


Has God given you a musical talent? Singing? Playing an instrument? Has He given you a technical skill? Operating sound equipment? Operating video equipment?Has He given you a gift of hospitality? Greeting and Welcoming others?If so, you need to be using that talent and skill to glorify God who has given it to you. We have a place for you!


CHBC loves families and encourages them to worship together. Your children are always welcome in worship which typically includes a Children’s Time during the worship service. Our senior pastor gets on their level by greeting them at the front of the sanctuary and sharing a simple bible story with them. Other options are available during worship which includes nursery for ages 3 and younger. Extended Session is available for ages 4 to 5 immediately after the Children’s Time in worship.



CHBC Students is more than just a youth group that goes places and has fun. As we do enjoy doing those things we also believe that this is an important time in the spiritual growth of students and we make scripture the foundation of all we do. Our weekly Wednesday night services consist of the three pillars: Worship, Preaching, Small group. We begin by worshipping God and focusing our hearts on him, then we transitioning in to opening up his word and hearing a message from him that is applicable to the students everyday lives. Then we move into small groups separated by guys and girls so that they can breakdown the message with a small group leader and go deeper into God’s word. We don’t want to just give information to the students and tell them to figure out, we want to be right beside them and help them through any questions they might have, as they grow closer with Christ.


Our Children’s Ministry, known as CHBC Kingdom KIDZ is designed to help children know, love, and follow Christ with all their hearts in a safe, high-energy, enriching environment from preschoolers to preteens. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus with every child who walks in our doors, so they can grow to have a personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. We seek to accomplish this goal by enlisting leaders in our preschool and children’s ministry that are energetic, gifted and trained in teaching and leading children and that possess a boundless love for the Lord Jesus Christ and for children. We provide our leaders with the best of materials and curriculum to prepare lessons and programs built on solid Biblical principles, and presented with lots of fun and fellowship in a safe and secure environment. It is our desire to share the gospel with children and partner with their parents and caregivers as they train up their children in the Lord.





Women’s Ministry

The purpose and goal of the CHBC Women’s Ministry is to evangelize and disciple women as followers of Jesus Christ. We seek to accomplish this by providing opportunity for women to know and love God through study of His Word.  Through our Women’s Ministry ladies are taught to become more like Christ in their lifestyle so they may glorify God in their home, church and community. Our strategy is to connect with women in every season of life and strive together to build lives and families that put Christ first in everything. Life is tough, so it’s important to surround yourself with other women who will pray with you, walk beside you, and share in the joy and the hardships. We desire for women to know that they are not alone in their journey. We believe that the way to walk through this life and to deal successfully with any situation, is to know how to apply God’s Word in every situation. We want to see young women mentored and discipled by women who have gone before them. We want to help older women feel valued and respected by younger women. There is an ongoing Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm, we hope you’ll join in.

Senior Adult Ministry

CHBC is blessed with a very active group of Senior Adults. This group offers great opportunities for older adults to get to know others who care about them and to grow in their relationship with Christ. We offer our Senior Adults opportunities for weekly Worship and Bible Study . We have a Senior Adult organization known as The LLL Club, which stands for
Living Longer and Loving it.
This group meets monthly from September through May each year for a fellowship luncheon and an entertaining or informational program planned just for Seniors. The LLL Club also plans through the year exciting fun Day Trips. The goal of our Senior Adult Ministry is to connect with our seniors to provide for them Bible learning, discipleship, and fellowship opportunities on a regular basis. We seek to keep seniors engaged in fulfilling the Great Commission throughout their “golden years”. We believe that there is no “retirement” from Christian service, stewardship, and spiritual growth regardless of age.


At CHBC we believe in sharing the gospel and being a living expression of the love of Jesus Christ from the least to the last. Jesus said, “I assure you,when you did it to one of the least of these…you were doing it to Me!” (Matthew 25:40) To show our sincere compassion and care about the hurts and needs of others, CHBC has partnered with two other church families in the North Montgomery area to provide the funds for The Hands of Christ Ministry Center. The Center is open three days a week to provide emergency food, clothing, and financial assistance to those in need. Also spiritual and financial counseling is provided to the clients. The Center exists to give not a hand out but a hand up to those who come through the door. Also, the CHBC Family provides a ministry to the homeless that come to our door that are hungry. We provide “We Care” bags that are packed with a ready to eat meal for those who have not a place to prepare or store food. We also help provide emergency food for Capitol Heights Places I and II, our retirement facilities that provides 142 apartments for the elderly. One Sunday each month our members bring food items and donate financially to support these We Care Ministries.

Capitol Heights Baptist Church Address: 2514 Madison Ave, Montgomery, AL 36107

Phone: 334-264-6461


Sunday School:  9:15
Worship:  10:30
Wednesday night activities: 6 pm
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